Even though I started a blog…

…could I have underestimated how much I may need to write? I’ve been looking at other blogs recently and compared to them, I don’t really think have  the confidence to believe that I can write like 500+ word reviews and so on. Up to now when I’ve written reviews of anime, I would write more like a short summary than a detailed review. Maybe because since I’m using a spreadsheet for my anime reviews, which is actually much more convenient for me, is why I prefer to write more summary-like.

So what will I do about word length? I did some reading about commonly asked questions when it comes to writing a blog and I got some useful tips for writing a blog. When it comes to the amount of words you can have in your blog post, that’s entirely up to author. Blogs such as Engadget don’t write long blog posts and yet they have attracted a very decent amount of visitors overall. It doesn’t matter how long your post is, as long you deliver the message to the reader. I’ve learned this from a very helpful article by Darren Rowse.

When it comes to me writing reviews, I probably won’t have every single detail of what I watched or played, but I will ensure that I try my best at giving my readers what they are looking for and need to know.  I will also still use my Anime Review spreadsheet.


5 responses to “Even though I started a blog…

  1. I really want to watch Eureka Seven AO. I think I going watch it since you say its got a good ending which is fine in my book.

    • Sorry for the very late comment. If you’re an Eureka Seven fan, then you should give it a try. Have you watched it by the way?

      • No problem, you don’t need to apologies.

        I haven’t watch any Eureka Seven AO at all but I watched Eureka Seven entire series like two or three times. Let’s say I watch it on TV (I miss some episodes) and watch it again when its released on DVD. I got my surgery in the past and playing video games hurt so I have to do something to past my time. So I decided to watch it whole series again.

        That is probably why Eureka Seven is my favourite anime. XD

      • Haha although I said I liked Eureka Seven, I watched it when I used to watch anime just for the sake of it. I would have to watch it again sometime to see how good it really was, but I still remember enjoying(I think).
        Ah that had to bite not being able to play a few games, but at least you have some sort of entertainment. Hope you recovered well from the surgery.

      • Yea, I recovered well from the surgery. To be honest I can’t remember how long ago though. It is more than couple of years for sure. XD

        I did try playing games and I realize it is a bad idea. I can’t feel pain until an hour later. (I’m on painkiller.)

        I remember having it because I got a scar to prove it. lol

        I been thinking about getting Eureka Seven AO on Blu-ray but I don’t want to buy it if I found it I didn’t like it. So I probably watch some streaming first.

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