Since the Roku incident…

Wow it’s October already and I bet those of you who saw my last post are wondering what has happened since then, right? No? Well, I’ll tell you anyway lol.

Since my horrible experience with the Roku when it first came, I can proudly say that everything has gotten A LOT better 😀 Right now my parents are in love with it lol seriously, my mom won’t stop bragging about it and my dad loves to talk about the shows and movies he watched. Not too long ago my sister was up to until 4.00 am (or so I was told) watching Mak-o mermaids on netflix ◔‿◔.

So as you may know, I was having a problem with netflix last time. The problem is still unsolved in it’s own way. As for as I know, my mom’s credit card only won’t work on netflix and we were told by netflix that we would have to try another credit card. It was a bummer but fortunately we had found another way we can still use Netflix. Right now we’re using my aunt’s netflix account to watch movies from there, and in return she’s using our Huluplus account. This is actually a pretty neat idea for family to do. Despite having to share Netflix/Huluplus preferences, one family member pays for one service and another pays for the other service and everyone has access to both services for the best entertainment. Thanks to this we only have to pay for Huluplus (that’s only $8 US a month), and as for the US DNS provider, we were able to get an extra 30 days free after the free trial.

On September 30th we got rid of our cable tv. No more $150 cable bills. Even if I had a bad experience with the Roku, what I got in the end almost feels worth it. If you have a cable subscription, I would recommend ditching it, and if you don’t have cable but love tv, I would suggest investing in a Roku. I still have alot to share with you so sometime in the future I’ll post a review on the Roku channels.

College 😦

Ugh, it’s been hectic work since I returned to college in august for my second year. Even though Visual Arts is something I love, the work for it can be overwhelming. College is one of the reasons why this blog got inactive for while, the only reason I’m posting now is because I’m on my mid semester break. I wouldn’t expect much posts from my blog until this semester ends. Sorry.


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