SheZow deserves a Season 2. Here’s what I have to say:


Created on 29th of May, 2015. This article may contain minor spoilers for SheZow.

Last night I finally watched the last episode of SheZow. I took pretty long to finish it, mostly because I knew I was getting ever so closer to the final episode. I could have finished it much, much sooner but this show is so darn good! It would have just felt wrong to just binge watch the entire show through (I honestly had to resist for a bit). I definitely didn’t want my fantastic experience watching this show to end, but I know I still had to make it to the final episode sooner or later.

When I finished the last episode of SheZow, I actually felt sad knowing it was the final episode of the animation that entertained me so much. Each episode was so satisfying good and honestly speaking, no other form of entertainment has ever made me felt like that in terms of arriving at the conclusion of the experience. Even if I loved it to bits, it wouldn’t make me feel sad but mostly overwhelming happy. I believe this is because I thought SheZow could have had a more conclusive final episode. The final episode was good, but it left me yearning for more of the show and it wasn’t a good season finale if we’re talking about ending it on a satisfying note.

Now for my biggest complaint: WHY ISN’T THIS GETTING A SECOND SEASON?! This show as a whole is one of the best animations I have ever seen. Absolutely fun and entertaining for all ages. Almost NONE of the most recent cartoons/animations I’ve seen can match to this and this even gives even the most popular, well crafted cartoons from the 90’s the competition they deserve. Okay I’m a smart enough guy to guess why there’s no second season. It probably didn’t bring in enough revenue for the network and with that it could have also been an easy way to get rid of some of the controversy the show garnered. Which brings me to another point…

SHEZOW IS NOT TRANSSEXUAL. Oh man, it honestly upsets me with how much people don’t even know what a transsexual is (we need more dictionaries in this world). Let me just be clear, I don’t have anything against trans sexuality. The complaints and some articles I’ve seen against the show label SheZow as a transsexual cartoon, when in reality SheZow is not. A transsexual is someone who identifies as the opposite gender and are born in the gender they don’t believe they are. That’s not the case with Guy/Shezow. He completely identifies as a guy (as his name says lol), and the only time he refers to himself as a girl is when he has transformed into SheZow in order to cover his secret identity or lightly joke around while as SheZow, and even then Guy refers to himself as male even when dressed as SheZow, which if you’ve seen the show you would know.


This also brings another argument to mind: contrary to some beliefs a crossdresser is not a transsexual, so is Shezow a crossdresser? No. Let me explain further. Guy mainly wears male clothes, he doesn’t secretly wear actual girl clothes or not even slightly interested for that matter. The only time he “cross dresses” is when he turns into Shezow, and that’s either when there’s a she-emergency or if he’s using the powers of Shezow for his own personal use such as cleaning the house using Shezow’s abilities. I’ll like to also point out very clearly that wearing the SheZow outfit was never Guy’s intention, and this is a very significant. Watching the first episode you will realize, as the author himself has said, Guy is trapped with the outfit. He literally can’t part with the costume because the ring which grants him SheZow’s abilities is pretty much permanent until the ring is ready to be passed on to a successor. However later on, Guy does accept the responsibility as the hero SheZow, which just to be clear this has nothing to do with sexuality or wearing the outfit itself.

I can see why trans-phobic parents would be hesitant of letting their child watch the show but I strongly recommend they sit down and see the show for themselves and I can assure it is not only completely harmless but it is also completely different from what they label the show as. Any reasonable parent would know their previous assumption is wrong, or at least see the show in a different light. Even for children that love role-playing cartoon characters (like I did as a kid), you won’t be seeing your child start to dress as SheZow or in any female clothing as an average child knows the obvious difference between reality and a cartoon they saw on TV.

I actually read a very interesting article from entitled “The Trojan Horse That Wasn’t — Shezow and Gender Politics“. The author does a very good job of debating against the negative controversy Shezow had attracted. I definitely recommend giving it a read as the author also states some nice little facts in the article.

I would also like to recommend another blog post I saw on Tumblr while doing some internet browsing: SheZow – a genderbending superhero!


I also want to touch on another point regarding the reason why the show hasn’t received the green light for a second season. I think what also contributed to SheZow not getting more funding for a new season is because of the ongoing battle with On-Demand video services versus Cable TV. As we speak, streaming services such as Netflix and Huluplus are replacing cable TV. Parents are now paying a very small fee to let their children enjoy on-demand streaming for cartoons and other children shows. It would absolutely be no surprise if these same parents have ditched their cable TV altogether as a result. If you’ve seen my previous (and very old) blog posts you’ll also see I had to help my parents set up a Roku device so they could ditch their cable TV. SheZow had recently been not too long broadcast from 2012 to 2013. During this time, and even now, streaming services were replacing your traditional cable TV. This obviously means less viewers for TV networks, and less viewers mean less revenue from commercials during TV Shows broadcasting. Hub network is no more as it was bought by Discovery Communications and is now known as Discovery Family, and as you guessed it, this could be so because of the raise of video on demand services. I’m sure there are still plenty of persons who watch cable TV, but I won’t be surprised to see cable TV die out within the near future or even in the next decade. [Reference: Wikipedia]

I can’t help but wonder if SheZow had been made in say 2005, there is a higher chance that it could have gotten lots of viewers as long as the show was broadcast on a popular TV Network, thus also creating the opportunity for a second season to be in the works. However that success would probably be a double edge sword regarding the controversy of the show. There would obviously be more persons to voice their opinion on it.

I’ll like to reiterate that not giving this show a second season feels insane to me. It’s such an excellently crafted animation that deserves much more positive recognition than it already has. While it goes out of the comfort zone of most cartoons, it does such a fantastic job executing it extremely well and my awesome experience watching SheZow is proof of that. My greatest thanks goes to Obie Scott Wade and the entire animation crew for creating one of the best animated shows of this generation. SheZow definitely deserves a legacy of its own.

Speaking of On-demand services, any Shezow fan will be very pleased to hear that Shezow is now on Netflix. If you’re a big fan of the show like myself, going to Netflix and giving it a 5 star rating would be highly appreciated by everyone that wants a season 2 of this show. I’m definitely going to be re-watching the show again (which is usually a rarity for me with TV Shows), especially to listen to the epic SheZow opening song. Every time I listen to it, it always puts big goofy smile on my face (laughs).

I also have Facebook fan page that I’ll appreciate if you can give a visit: We want SheZow Season 2

There’s also the official SheZow facebook which is worth more than a like: SheZow


5 responses to “SheZow deserves a Season 2. Here’s what I have to say:

  1. left4deaxd

    Wow, I totally agree with you, maybe now Shezow have more opotunities to have a season 2 because now the people are changing, with the approbation of gay marriage in USA, the people now are opening their minds and the thoughts of that this show is bad for kids are disappearing. Sorry for my bad english if there is a mistake

    • Lilly

      No it is so cool to watch and it is not gay watch the first episode guy put the ring on because its cool!!!!Oh and the ring trasfrom in to a girl cuase it was for guys sister but he took it from her!!!!Oh I am only 11 and I like it so.

      • Lilly

        Also watch the last episode! It tells why guys aount anges picks him to be the next shezow!!!
        (Sorry for bad English I am really bad at spelling)

  2. Glad you agree 🙂 (no worries, your english was quite good). You’re right, as time goes on more people will become open minded (even if it’s slightly), however while gay marriage did get legalized, the differing communities on whether it’s “right” or “wrong” still exists and will continue to. The opinions of SheZow will probably be unchanged for a while, however as you said thanks to a change of perspective by others the chances are slightly increased. The reason why I use the word “slightly” is because SheZow strives greatly because of its fan base and being a really good show, and there’s also the other contributing factors for getting a season renewal for a show.

    (Sorry for the late reply by the way)

  3. I found your post when looking for season 2. My son just watched season 1 on Netflix and is so disappointed that there is not another season.

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