SheZow deserves a Season 2. Here’s what I have to say:


Created on 29th of May, 2015. This article may contain minor spoilers for SheZow.

Last night I finally watched the last episode of SheZow. I took pretty long to finish it, mostly because I knew I was getting ever so closer to the final episode. I could have finished it much, much sooner but this show is so darn good! It would have just felt wrong to just binge watch the entire show through (I honestly had to resist for a bit). I definitely didn’t want my fantastic experience watching this show to end, but I know I still had to make it to the final episode sooner or later.

When I finished the last episode of SheZow, I actually felt sad knowing it was the final episode of the animation that entertained me so much. Each episode was so satisfying good and honestly speaking, no other form of entertainment has ever made me felt like that in terms of arriving at the conclusion of the experience. Even if I loved it to bits, it wouldn’t make me feel sad but mostly overwhelming happy. I believe this is because I thought SheZow could have had a more conclusive final episode. The final episode was good, but it left me yearning for more of the show and it wasn’t a good season finale if we’re talking about ending it on a satisfying note.

Now for my biggest complaint: WHY ISN’T THIS GETTING A SECOND SEASON?! This show as a whole is one of the best animations I have ever seen. Absolutely fun and entertaining for all ages. Almost NONE of the most recent cartoons/animations I’ve seen can match to this and this even gives even the most popular, well crafted cartoons from the 90’s the competition they deserve. Okay I’m a smart enough guy to guess why there’s no second season. It probably didn’t bring in enough revenue for the network and with that it could have also been an easy way to get rid of some of the controversy the show garnered. Which brings me to another point…

SHEZOW IS NOT TRANSSEXUAL. Oh man, it honestly upsets me with how much people don’t even know what a transsexual is (we need more dictionaries in this world). Let me just be clear, I don’t have anything against trans sexuality. The complaints and some articles I’ve seen against the show label SheZow as a transsexual cartoon, when in reality SheZow is not. A transsexual is someone who identifies as the opposite gender and are born in the gender they don’t believe they are. That’s not the case with Guy/Shezow. He completely identifies as a guy (as his name says lol), and the only time he refers to himself as a girl is when he has transformed into SheZow in order to cover his secret identity or lightly joke around while as SheZow, and even then Guy refers to himself as male even when dressed as SheZow, which if you’ve seen the show you would know.


This also brings another argument to mind: contrary to some beliefs a crossdresser is not a transsexual, so is Shezow a crossdresser? No. Let me explain further. Guy mainly wears male clothes, he doesn’t secretly wear actual girl clothes or not even slightly interested for that matter. The only time he “cross dresses” is when he turns into Shezow, and that’s either when there’s a she-emergency or if he’s using the powers of Shezow for his own personal use such as cleaning the house using Shezow’s abilities. I’ll like to also point out very clearly that wearing the SheZow outfit was never Guy’s intention, and this is a very significant. Watching the first episode you will realize, as the author himself has said, Guy is trapped with the outfit. He literally can’t part with the costume because the ring which grants him SheZow’s abilities is pretty much permanent until the ring is ready to be passed on to a successor. However later on, Guy does accept the responsibility as the hero SheZow, which just to be clear this has nothing to do with sexuality or wearing the outfit itself.

I can see why trans-phobic parents would be hesitant of letting their child watch the show but I strongly recommend they sit down and see the show for themselves and I can assure it is not only completely harmless but it is also completely different from what they label the show as. Any reasonable parent would know their previous assumption is wrong, or at least see the show in a different light. Even for children that love role-playing cartoon characters (like I did as a kid), you won’t be seeing your child start to dress as SheZow or in any female clothing as an average child knows the obvious difference between reality and a cartoon they saw on TV.

I actually read a very interesting article from entitled “The Trojan Horse That Wasn’t — Shezow and Gender Politics“. The author does a very good job of debating against the negative controversy Shezow had attracted. I definitely recommend giving it a read as the author also states some nice little facts in the article.

I would also like to recommend another blog post I saw on Tumblr while doing some internet browsing: SheZow – a genderbending superhero!


I also want to touch on another point regarding the reason why the show hasn’t received the green light for a second season. I think what also contributed to SheZow not getting more funding for a new season is because of the ongoing battle with On-Demand video services versus Cable TV. As we speak, streaming services such as Netflix and Huluplus are replacing cable TV. Parents are now paying a very small fee to let their children enjoy on-demand streaming for cartoons and other children shows. It would absolutely be no surprise if these same parents have ditched their cable TV altogether as a result. If you’ve seen my previous (and very old) blog posts you’ll also see I had to help my parents set up a Roku device so they could ditch their cable TV. SheZow had recently been not too long broadcast from 2012 to 2013. During this time, and even now, streaming services were replacing your traditional cable TV. This obviously means less viewers for TV networks, and less viewers mean less revenue from commercials during TV Shows broadcasting. Hub network is no more as it was bought by Discovery Communications and is now known as Discovery Family, and as you guessed it, this could be so because of the raise of video on demand services. I’m sure there are still plenty of persons who watch cable TV, but I won’t be surprised to see cable TV die out within the near future or even in the next decade. [Reference: Wikipedia]

I can’t help but wonder if SheZow had been made in say 2005, there is a higher chance that it could have gotten lots of viewers as long as the show was broadcast on a popular TV Network, thus also creating the opportunity for a second season to be in the works. However that success would probably be a double edge sword regarding the controversy of the show. There would obviously be more persons to voice their opinion on it.

I’ll like to reiterate that not giving this show a second season feels insane to me. It’s such an excellently crafted animation that deserves much more positive recognition than it already has. While it goes out of the comfort zone of most cartoons, it does such a fantastic job executing it extremely well and my awesome experience watching SheZow is proof of that. My greatest thanks goes to Obie Scott Wade and the entire animation crew for creating one of the best animated shows of this generation. SheZow definitely deserves a legacy of its own.

Speaking of On-demand services, any Shezow fan will be very pleased to hear that Shezow is now on Netflix. If you’re a big fan of the show like myself, going to Netflix and giving it a 5 star rating would be highly appreciated by everyone that wants a season 2 of this show. I’m definitely going to be re-watching the show again (which is usually a rarity for me with TV Shows), especially to listen to the epic SheZow opening song. Every time I listen to it, it always puts big goofy smile on my face (laughs).

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There’s also the official SheZow facebook which is worth more than a like: SheZow

Since the Roku incident…

Wow it’s October already and I bet those of you who saw my last post are wondering what has happened since then, right? No? Well, I’ll tell you anyway lol.

Since my horrible experience with the Roku when it first came, I can proudly say that everything has gotten A LOT better 😀 Right now my parents are in love with it lol seriously, my mom won’t stop bragging about it and my dad loves to talk about the shows and movies he watched. Not too long ago my sister was up to until 4.00 am (or so I was told) watching Mak-o mermaids on netflix ◔‿◔.

So as you may know, I was having a problem with netflix last time. The problem is still unsolved in it’s own way. As for as I know, my mom’s credit card only won’t work on netflix and we were told by netflix that we would have to try another credit card. It was a bummer but fortunately we had found another way we can still use Netflix. Right now we’re using my aunt’s netflix account to watch movies from there, and in return she’s using our Huluplus account. This is actually a pretty neat idea for family to do. Despite having to share Netflix/Huluplus preferences, one family member pays for one service and another pays for the other service and everyone has access to both services for the best entertainment. Thanks to this we only have to pay for Huluplus (that’s only $8 US a month), and as for the US DNS provider, we were able to get an extra 30 days free after the free trial.

On September 30th we got rid of our cable tv. No more $150 cable bills. Even if I had a bad experience with the Roku, what I got in the end almost feels worth it. If you have a cable subscription, I would recommend ditching it, and if you don’t have cable but love tv, I would suggest investing in a Roku. I still have alot to share with you so sometime in the future I’ll post a review on the Roku channels.

College 😦

Ugh, it’s been hectic work since I returned to college in august for my second year. Even though Visual Arts is something I love, the work for it can be overwhelming. College is one of the reasons why this blog got inactive for while, the only reason I’m posting now is because I’m on my mid semester break. I wouldn’t expect much posts from my blog until this semester ends. Sorry.

Roku experience= One of my biggest headaches yet

 I recently had an experience with a Roku, and definitely not a good one. It all started with my mom’s desire to get rid of the cable and say sayonara to the $150 cable bill. My aunt purchased a Roku box sometime back and my mom got really interested with it when she found out that Roku has a huge variety of channels to watch from including services like Netflix which she loved after watching some great movies and religious films. After discussing with the family(of 4) about replacing the cable with Roku, my mom got my aunt to order a Roku for her. It arrived within a week or so.

Ok, before I go on I’ll explain a little about the Roku box. A Roku box is a digital media receiver (according to Wiki). It uses the internet to stream stuff like movies and videos and can deliver high quality media to your tv. Unlike cable tv, there is no monthly bill for Roku. Just pay for the box, and while you can get a lot of the channels on there for free, there is also services like Netflix and Hulu Plus that have a small monthly  subscription fee. A Roku box is also inexpensive. You can find more info on the Roku site.

Now I’ll discuss my thoughts about the Roku before it arrived. I don’t watch TV as I did a few years ago when I was about 13 years old(now 17). Back then I would get up early just to watch cartoons every day(lol). Ever since the internet was installed, my computer and the internet has become my very own entertainment system where I can watch, listen and play every and any piece of media right at my fingertips. Since building my first computer, the experience has only gotten a hundred times better. You can imagine that I rarely touched the tv remote after being exposed to the vast wonders of the net. If and when I get my own apartment, cable is something is something I would not even consider installing.

Back to the topic of my opinion of the Roku. I was delighted when I found out that the Roku had crunchyroll and a few other anime streaming services. I supported in having the cable axed for the Roku since it would be much better financially for the family. As for the opinions of my sis and dad, my sister is VERY easily entertained and as long as CNN and ESPN tennis is available, I guess my dad can let go of the cable tv. Right now I’ve yet to find a solution to get ESPN on the Roku besides streaming on a computer instead but I’ve heard about a service called PlayOn which I hope can solve that little problem. My mom likes her religious shows, which DirecTV(the cable service we have) doesn’t have, and as long as she can watch some news, great movies and shows like America’s got talent, she can adjust well without cable.

Now that the small stuff is out of the way, now to talk about the BAD stuff.

I was anticipating the arrival of the Roku box since I got interested in it. The Roku we got was the Roku HD. I set up the Roku myself and it was working fine, but it didn’t have the services like Netflix and many other channels were unavailable. I checked online for solutions and I tried as much as I could to resolve the problem. I tried almost everything and nothing seemed to work at ALL. I resetted the Roku box many times without success. Hours had went by and nothing had changed.

While I kept looking for solutions, I was told to reactivate the netflix account. I cancelled it once to use the free trial. Take note that I was using my mom’s credit card for the free trial and I was using it to restart the membership, but when I tried restarting it, I was presented with the message “We are unable to process your request at this time. Please try again later”. This has never happened before but I tried again several times after that but the same message showed up again and again.

Giving up on restarting the netflix membership , I tackled the challenge of trying to get the Roku to properly function for the whole night getting tired as the time passed, and then when I reset the Roku yet again, I got an error saying it’s not able to connect to the internet, even though it was connecting before and my wifi was working correctly.

After a time, I gave up on the Roku and tried netflix one more time. Nothing. As tired as I was I slept through the night well.

I woke up the next day with the feeling that the Roku will work. I turned on the box and it connected to the internet successfully. I was able to get the channels and services I wasn’t getting before. The problem? I believe the Roku wasn’t picking up my router’s US DNS settings and that I didn’t properly configure my Unblock us. Some of the simplest things make the biggest problems *sigh*.

You can bet that I was relieved when Roku started working the way I wanted, but the worst has yet to come. Yeah, it only gets better for a short time.

Finally able to enjoy Roku, I was not able to access netflix. I called customer support and I was told that the bank wasn’t allowing the funds to be transferred for some reason and that I should give them a call. I told my mom what was up and I told her to call the bank about her credit card.

My mom made the call. Now it’s time for the shocker. Remember when I said I wasn’t getting into netflix and kept getting the “We are unable to process your request at this time. Please try again later” message everytime I tried to restart the account? Guess what. Everytime I tried to restart the netflix account, the credit card actually got charged (◉_◉). The credit card had 21 charges that accounted to more than $150 US. Yeah, I was pretty shocked myself that my heart felt heavy at the time.

My mom and I had been trying the whole morning to get this HUGE problem resolved but neither was netflix or the bank helpful. Luckily, the problem was solved yesterday. As for netflix, I’ve yet to try if it working correctly.


The Roku hasn’t even been in my house for 24 hours and yet it has created a BIG problem. I know netflix is to blame here(not sure if the bank had anything with restricting the funds the first time), but this problem wouldn’t exist without the Roku box. Do I regret having the Roku? Not enough to down right hate it. Would I recommend it after having that experience? I doubt anyone will have the same exact experience I did, but if anything, I can’t say I wouldn’t recommend Roku since my biggest problem was with netflix. Beware of netflix if you have to.

It looks like the cable might stay, but it will be downgraded to the basic package. To be honest, I couldn’t see my sister living without the cable tv. She uses the tv the most in the house besides my dad. As for my dad, I don’t think he’ll easily let it go either.

Even though I started a blog…

…could I have underestimated how much I may need to write? I’ve been looking at other blogs recently and compared to them, I don’t really think have  the confidence to believe that I can write like 500+ word reviews and so on. Up to now when I’ve written reviews of anime, I would write more like a short summary than a detailed review. Maybe because since I’m using a spreadsheet for my anime reviews, which is actually much more convenient for me, is why I prefer to write more summary-like.

So what will I do about word length? I did some reading about commonly asked questions when it comes to writing a blog and I got some useful tips for writing a blog. When it comes to the amount of words you can have in your blog post, that’s entirely up to author. Blogs such as Engadget don’t write long blog posts and yet they have attracted a very decent amount of visitors overall. It doesn’t matter how long your post is, as long you deliver the message to the reader. I’ve learned this from a very helpful article by Darren Rowse.

When it comes to me writing reviews, I probably won’t have every single detail of what I watched or played, but I will ensure that I try my best at giving my readers what they are looking for and need to know.  I will also still use my Anime Review spreadsheet.

My Blog


It looks like my blog site is up and running. I will update it as frequently as possible, and I also have plans to register the domain for it sometime in the future. Feel free to subscribe ^_^

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